Melting Frontiers – Intercultural Workshop in Potsdam/Berlin, 1 – 8 March 2007

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Two years after the Enlargement the European Union is faced with new challenges like it shows the discussion about the Constitution Treaty or the possible EU membership of Turkey as well as the swelling conflict between the so called „west“ and the Islamic world.

Nowadays many people in Europe and the Mediterranean area are living together neighbourly. Nevertheless the history of these countries is coined by intercultural conflicts, that are still unresolved. So, the continuous division of Cyprus or the Isreali-Palestinian conflict are still on the agenda of unresolved problems.

In a world of closer economic, social, political and cultural entwinements between the countries the intercultural dialogue becomes a special importance. To take different points of view as well as to discuss over it, can contribute to recognize connections or parallels in origin and development of tensions.

The project Melting Frontiers will be an intercutural youth meeting. The young participants shall bring in their everyday experiences with intercultural conflicts in order to argue with their different cultures, identities and nationalities.

30 young people from Cyprus, Israel, Germany and other European and Mediterranean countries will participate in a project workshop. In workshops, discussions and regional as well as international meetings they will work on different topics.

The sustainable goal of Melting Frontiers is it to get to know each other and each others culture and to get rid of prejudices, The participants are developing a common project idea for a multilateral co-operation. A sustainable network between the young people and the involved Civil Society Organizations shall be built up for future projects.

Melting Frontiers is a common project of Jugend bewegt Europa e.V., the Association for International Affairs, the Chavaya Association, the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute, the International Palestinian Youth League and TVS International Youth Community.

Melting Frontiers ijugend2s funded by the program YOUTH from the European Union.




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